I’ve received two emails from people who read my last blog post about Zubsolv, a new buprenorphine alternative that started appearing in U.S. pharmacies on September 16.  These people specifically asked if I knew about the price.  Would Zubsolv be cheaper than Suboxone?

I did some digging and it appears that – at least initially – Zubsolv may be slightly less expensive than Suboxone.  Earlier this year an investor brief by Zubsolv manufacturer Orexo stated, “We will be compelled to launch Zubsolv at a lower price than the [Suboxone] film.”  So, is it cheaper?  

I have seen some pricing reports recently, and a few people have reported Zubsolv prices of between $200-$230 for 30 of the 5.7mg Zubsolv tablets, and $115-$130 for 30 of the 1.4mg tablets.  This is in the ballpark for Suboxone pricing, and is perhaps slightly cheaper. (Keep in mind, buprenorphine pricing varies from region to region and from pharmacy to pharmacy.)  Orexo has also more recently said that “Zubsolv will be launched with list-pricing comparable to Suboxone film, but with an enhanced patient assistance through co-pay support initiatives.”  The patient assistance program they’re referring to includes a co-pay coupon that knocks up to $75 off the price.  I’ve also heard (but not verified) that Orexo will let you use the co-pay coupon twice per month.  So if you want to try Zubsolv, and if your doctor is agreeable to doing so, you might ask for a two-week prescription with a refill.  This would provide you with a hefty $150 monthly savings, and could pay for all or almost all of the medication.

As Zubsolv is new to the market, I haven’t seen many patient reports on it yet.  But when I do, I will certainly summarize my findings here.  Oh, and in case you haven’t seen the tablet yet, below is a graphic that shows what Zubsolv looks like compared to Suboxone tablets and film.


12/29/2013 9:01pm

Hi Sebastian, I'm not sure when you wrote this but I have been taking zubsolv for almost 6 months. I have been one of the few involved in the phase 3 study program. I am willing to answer any questions you may have. You may contact me through email. Thanks

12/30/2014 3:18pm

My husband and I are both currently talking Zubsolv but we do not have any health insurance! Please if anyone knows of any coupon cards or perscription programs out there PLEASE HELP! Thank you!

12/30/2014 8:03pm

Hi. You can email me direct and hopefully I can help you. Maribass1@aol.com

01/03/2014 5:17pm

Hi Marissa,

Thanks for chiming in. And thanks for the offer of more info! I'm definitely trying to learn more about ZubSolv and will likely contact you before O write another post on it.


04/26/2014 11:18am

didn't think zubsolv was working as well as suboxone until out of everything! i have severe abdominal pain. i did NOT want to stay on pain meds i'd been on for too long.
fast forward- i can not find anyone in my area to fill zubsolv for me. it is really causing problems. but the pain has multiplied.
any ideas? pharmacies (14-16) telling me they can get neither med. is that possible?

Kelly Brannen
08/22/2014 11:32am

Where do you live hun?

08/24/2014 2:40pm

I'm in NE Florida.

08/28/2014 5:02am

Rite Aid can order the zubsolv that is the only one i can find or you can order it through the mail and save money

01/20/2015 12:59pm

I have been taking subzolv for about 6 months and I dont find it to work as well as the suboxone tablets. Anyone else finding this?


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